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    Somerton church helps educate about Ebola in Africa

    The historic Ebola outbreak has pushed a Northeast church to temporarily change its educational mission in Liberia to concentrate on battling the illness.

    Volunteers return from Liberia before outbreak

    Somerton United Methodist Church members were working on a school in the village of Ghenwein in January, but were back home before the largest outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus began this spring.

    Two members of a Somerton church that’s been building a school in Liberia were in the West African country earlier this year, but they were there and back home before the largest ever outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus began this spring.

    A proud salute

    Archbishop Ryan’s Joe Hansbury is bound for Army.

    Joe Hansbury already had a college scholarship locked up, but he wanted something more.

    Benefits of shale development are too great to sacrifice

    Left-wing advocacy group recently launched a new effort to oppose innovations that are propelling states like Pennsylvania toward a new abundance of locally produced energy.

    Letters to the Editor: January 15, 2014

    Are we all safe in Sochi? 

    Cell phone buying machine ban moves forward in PA

    The city has seen an increase in cell phone thefts. A state bill to ban machines which purchase old cell phones is moving forward on the grounds they offer phone thieves a quick payment.

    Shots of history

    A collection of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs are on display at the National Constitution Center until Dec. 31.

    On hold

    City Council considers banning automated purchasing machines that dispense cash for small electronics.

    City Council is considering outlawing machines that dispense dollars in exchange for small electronics like smartphones and iPods as one way of curbing skyrocketing phone thefts.

    Carroll High’s closure like ‘a dark cloud’ to students

    The Port Richmond high school is just one of three schools that will close in the River Wards. Two Fishtown schools will stay open, but will be affected by grade changes and an influx of new students. Charles Carroll High School freshman Larry Scruggs said that last Friday, it felt like a dark cloud had fallen on top of the school he’s only attended for less than a year — a short time, to be sure, but still enough to become part of a school environment he likened to “a family.”