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    ‘We like to take care of our own’

    The 13th annual Gregory Hennigar Memorial Football Tournament took place last weekend. Over the years, the fund has donated to local youth groups, schools and nonprofits. 

    Win one for Greg

    Friends, family and strangers flocked to Ramp Playground on Saturday to support the memory of Greg Hennigar, a Judge grad who died in May 2003.

    Surveying the packed Ramp Playground football field on Saturday morning, Tommy Coyle remembered a smile with one of his own.

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  • It’s been amazing,” said Sean Hennigar, one of Greg’s older brothers.

    ‘We like to take care of our own’ →

  • “It’s just really neat, because it started from nothing, just a few of Greg’s friends wanting to do something for him,” said Sean Hennigar, the fund’s vice president.

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