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    Pioneers on the move

    “Jeff has gotten better every year… He comes out here and plays hard. He’s a smart student and a hard-working athlete.” —Frankford boss Rob Shelton speaks highly of senior Jeff Marc.

    Fancy footwork

    It’s time for high school soccer squads to get their kicks. Score a glimpse of your favorite neighborhood team in the Northeast Times’ soccer preview.

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  • “This year, I probably am starting eleven of the most talented players I’ve had since I’ve been coaching,” said Rob Shelton, now in his fifth season as Frankford’s head coach.

    Pioneers on the move →

  • “I would have loved to see them win this game, but just to see their charisma and see them hanging in there and working each and every game is great,” Shelton said after last week’s match against Bartram.

    Pioneers on the move →