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    Orleans Tech changes name

    Orleans Technical Institute held a ceremony to change its name to Orleans Technical College on March 30. 

    Food for Fat Tuesday

    We are in the throes of Mardi Gras season, which started officially on Jan. 6, the birthday of St. Joan of Arc, France’s patron saint. The date also celebrates the Feast of The Three Kings, the Epiphany. New Orleans kick starts its Carnival on this date each year with a  parade, its first of the season. Merrymaking continues and culminates with the festivities this year on Feb. 17 - Mardi Gras, French for Fat Tuesday, aka Shrove Tuesday, the final day of Carnival. 

    Good drinks for bad movies

    Sharknado? Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? — I questioned aloud and with conviction. “You’ve got to be kidding!” These were a couple of Saturday night “specials” that the movie watchers at my house recently picked from the long, unfortunate list of a “Le Bad Cinema” section of a Rotten Tomatoes-type website.

    The Holiday Quiz: Holiday Songs

    Here are 10 questions to test your holiday music acumen. Five should be as easy as whistling Jingle Bells, but five others should be a little tougher. The answers and scoring guide are listed below. Happy holidays!

    Hog Island Hoagies

    The question on the game show Jeopardy is “Heavy on the oil, no mayo, peppers on the side.” The immediate Philadelphia response: “What is a hoagie?”

    Cajun cuisine

    “How do we get to Marksville?” With that question answered, we were on our way.

    “Business boot camp” survivor

    Port Richmond business owner takes part in a free small business program that will help grow his construction business

    Trips: August 28, 2013

    MAKIN’ MEMORIES WITH KAYE & MATERNITY BVM SENIORS Sept. 5. Dutch Apple Dinner Theater, Lancaster. $92, includes “Menopause, the Musical.” 215-342-5038.

    Burholme discusses emergency response; Eagle Scout soars

    Chad Thomas, of the city Department of Public Health, offered tips to members of Burholme Town Watch and Civic Association on planning for a bioterrorism attack or widespread health emergency.