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    The price of recovery

    Police say the conditions around the SoarCorp Recovery Center have grown intolerable.

    Police have been paying very close attention to a Northeast Philadelphia drug addiction treatment facility recently, but it’s not the methadone clinic you might think it is.

    The wrath of Sandy

    — Hurricane Sandy was bad — very, very bad — but Northeast Philly fared much better than other areas on the East Coast.

    Sandy strikes the Northeast

    As Philadelphia police took inventory early Tuesday afternoon to assess the local impact of Hurricane Sandy, one glaring need became apparent - more yellow caution tape.

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  • He argued that he had just bought some coffee and was catching a smoke while waiting for a contractor to pick him up for a construction job.

    The price of recovery →

  • Police arrested one man for stealing metal from air conditioning units in the neighborhood and discovered he was a client of the clinic, Colello said.

    The price of recovery →