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    The art of age and wisdom

    When Frankford Avenue came to life with art and culture for the First Friday celebration last week, the spotlight was directed on not just the budding artists of tomorrow, but also on two women who’ve been at the center of the Fishtown arts community for most of their lives.

    Artistic elders of the river wards

    Fishtown artists Marie Ulmer and Mary Blazic, both 94, will be honored with an artwork showcase at Michael’s Decorators on Frankford Avenue.

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  • Tonuci noted that Ulmer attended nearly every Goldfish Gallery show, and Roman Blazic said local residents began to connect the name with the face in the past few years after a blog post featuring Ulmer’s photo.

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  • The reupholster shop has staged a number of exhibitions in partnership with Sfakianos’ Goldfish Gallery and, while the shows have slowed down recently, store owner Michael Tonuci said he was eager to get on board after learning the women’s stories.

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