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    Residents strongly oppose new restaurant in Frankford

    Members of the Frankford Civic Association don’t want a chicken restaurant on the 4700 block of Griscom Street.

    Playtime at Frankford park

    Kids don’t wait for ribbons to be cut when there’s new playground equipment to test out. A hour before the official, postponed-a-couple-times, grand reopening of the small park at Hedge and Plum streets in Frankford on July 9, the young clientele was up on the new gear, giving it some appreciative squeals of approval.

    Planned Frankford garden gets financial help

    Plans to create a garden on the 4600 block of Paul Street got a financial boost. Plans have fallen through to put a sculpture at Womrath Park at Kensington and Frankford avenues, Kimberly Washington told members of the Frankford Parks Group on April 29, so some of the $120,000 budgeted for that could be used for improvements to a lot at Paul and Frankford, said Washington, executive director of the Frankford Community Development Corporation.

    A new park, art gallery discussed at Frankford zoning meeting

    Members of the Frankford Neighborhood Advisory Council’s Zoning Committee on April 10 heard about plans to create a park and an art gallery on the 4600 block of Paul Street. They also listened to a proposal for a parking lot on Orthodox Street for a Northwood charter school and a request to clarify a deed to garages on Haworth Street.

    Work underway at Hedge Street park

    Work is progressing at Frankford’s small Hedge Street park, and new playground equipment will be installed later this month, said Kimberly Washington, executive director of the Frankford Community Development Corporation.  

    Residents cannot place trash in business cans

    Here’s a new wrinkle on the city’s seemingly undying trash and litter problem, and the odd thing about it is that it’s about actually putting out the trash.

    Frankford Parks elects new board

    The Frankford Parks Group, a nonprofit dedicated to fixing up and maintaining some small neighborhood parks, elected a new board on Oct. 8, said treasurer and former president Kimberly Washington.

    Plainclothes officers patrolling drug-heavy streets

    Drug dealers had been giving the 4700 block of Griscom St. a miss for a while, but they’re back, a resident recently week told the 15th Police District’s commander, Capt. John McCloskey.


    — State Rep. Ed Neilson says the Pennsylvania Treasury is holding $11 million in unclaimed property that belongs to people in his 169th district. This week, he's been reuniting constituents with their cash.