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    The Iron Throne

    Father Judge senior rower Pete Blumenstein recently became the first member of the school’s Iron Crusader Club.  

    A Fitness Crusade

    Father Judge’s Jimmy Lynch has a strong passion for fitness and wellness. Now, in a newly-established initiative, he’s sharing that with the student body.

    When Jimmy Lynch landed the job as Father Judge’s athletic director last summer, he said there would be much more to the position than just overseeing the school’s sports teams. 

    Leading the Crusade

    Father Judge's new youthful athletic director believes that age is just a number. 

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  • And while Lynch said other students have tried to become Iron Crusaders on a superficial level, Blumenstein was the first serious contender.

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  • The school has hosted seminars on concussion/traumatic brain injury awareness and college recruiting, and Lynch said he has more planned, including one on drug and alcohol awareness prior to Senior Week.

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