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    Tire torture

    City streets plagued with more than 11,000 potholes.

    You’d think that, with 15 storms this winter that together dropped more than 5 feet of snow, Philly would have set a new snowfall record, but, no, it didn’t. There’s still time, of course, to move up to No. 1. Spring doesn’t show up until the afternoon of March 20. Try to think warm thoughts until then.

    Rough riding

    City streets dimpled with more than 11,000 potholes.

    Winterize your driving strategy

    Winter begins this Saturday, and that means only one thing.

    Seniors have most crashes in NE

    Grant Avenue near the Roosevelt Boulevard is one of the region’s top locations for senior citizens to be involved in auto crashes. AAA Mid-Atlantic released the figures Monday along with a map that shows the concentrations of accidents throughout Philadelphia.

    Unexpected detour on Holme Avenue

    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation had every intention of keeping traffic flowing on Holme Avenue during a 20-month bridge reconstruction project just east of Holme Circle.

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  • “Potholes can be cold-patched anytime,” Robinson said, but hot asphalt can’t be poured unless the temps are above 40 degrees, which usually doesn’t happen consistently until March.

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  • The best way, Robinson said, is just slow down.

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