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    Peering into the souls of vets who gave a lot

    When I was in high school there was a course called “Vietnam.” It was a class devoted to the history of the conflict and its effect on our nation. Guest speakers, all veterans of Vietnam, visited the class regularly to retell their war experiences. It afforded students the opportunity to learn things that weren’t in the textbooks, but it especially enabled them to form a complex human connection to a group of people often marginalized, even vilified, by history and the popular media. 

    INSIDER: The War Within

    They are military veterans, most of them living lives in limbo, torn by war. They don’t have much. But they do have the Comfort House. This is Times staffer Jenny Swigoda’s story and photo essay.

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  • I was willing to start at the bottom of a company and work my way up,” he said. 

    INSIDER: The War Within →

  • When he returned to civilian life, Roache worked for IBM, reviewed documents for a large Manhattan law office, and wrote for the Daily Times in Maryland.

    INSIDER: The War Within →