Articles by William Kenny

Police seek energy drink bandit

An unidentified burglar made off with a sack full of cigarettes and energy drinks from an early morning break-in at a Mayfair Sunoco on Feb. 16.

A mission of recovery

 A newly formed support group offers local veterans an outlet to discuss their struggles and comfort each another. 

Man steals purse from NE bar

A patron at a Holmesburg bar thought he saw a crime of opportunity, but he couldn’t elude the watchful eye of a surveillance camera on Feb. 20.

Company eyes Bustleton for possible medical marijuana facility

Holistic Pharma Chairman Keith A. Morgan told the Northeast Times that his company is considering several Philadelphia locations where it may apply for dispensary licenses. 

Arrests made for laundry room burglaries

Philadelphia police have made two arrests in connection with almost two dozen burglaries of apartment building laundry rooms in the Northeast since late November.

Hart of Mayfair

Hometown hero Kevin Hart greets dozens of adoring fans outside the set of his latest film in Northeast Philly on Monday afternoon. 

A sweet success

About 70 volunteers baked and packaged more than 7,000 cookies last weekend in a show of gratitude for the work that Philadelphia’s police officers do every day.

Public presentation on former Liddonfield Homes is postponed

The Upper Holmesburg Civic Association has postponed a public presentation about the proposed redevelopment of the former Liddonfield Homes public housing complex.

L&I inspects suspected ‘speakeasy,’ finds nothing illicit

Contrary to the social media hype, there were no strippers, no bartenders and no “waitress girls” when police and city code inspectors visited a certain Mayfair apparel store last Friday evening.

Jail time for oxycodone-scheme 

An outlaw motorcycle gang member known as “Redneck” and who once sought medical treatment for menstrual pains was sentenced last Friday to 20 years in prison for his role in an opioid distribution ring operated by a Bustleton-based physician.