Articles by William Kenny

Three dead in violent Northeast car crash

Police suspect last Wednesday’s fatal crash might be related to street racing. 

SEPTA smooths rift with Frankford neighbors

A clash between Frankford community leaders and SEPTA over the agency’s planned construction of a new $12 million control center and a $9.7-million district office near the Frankford Terminal eased last Thursday when agency officials said they would help bring a new supermarket to the neighborhood.

Photo released in bodega robbery attempt

A gunman tried and failed to rob a bodega in Oxford Circle last Sunday and now his face is all over YouTube.

Peace of mind

People seem to know a lot about various medical conditions nowadays, and it’s not just because the medical community is doing a better job at explaining them to their patients.

Mayfair woman reported missing

Police seek the public’s help in finding a 28-year-old Mayfair woman who has been missing from her home for more than two weeks.

Man attempts suicide, loses leg on train track

A man who attempted to kill himself by lying in the path of a freight train last Wednesday lost a portion of his leg, but survived thanks to a trackside amputation, according to Philadelphia police.

Gunman sought for 7-Eleven robbery

Police are hunting for an unknown armed robber who struck at a Lawndale 7-Eleven on July 28.

Bandit steals keys from gym, car from lot

A credulous gym patron had to find an alternate way home from the workout facility several weeks ago after a thief stole the person’s car keys from an unsecured rack near the front desk.

Video released in cell store break-in

Two would-be burglars thought they had the security system sussed when they broke into a Frankford cell phone store on June 17, but there were two surprises waiting for them inside Simple Mobile Solutions at 5216 Torresdale Ave.

Two NE men dead in unrelated shootings

Gunfire claimed the lives of two Northeast men in separate shootings last week.