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 Articles by William Kenny

Running a spirited business

Andrew Auwerda, Rob Cassell and Tim Yarnall likely would’ve crashed and burned had they ventured a small start-up company into any other industry in 2005.

Bible tales … with spice

For his stage entry in Philly Fringe, Michael Tait has crafted a religious musical that isn’t quite G(od)-rated.

Musical borders

As City Council begins the task of equalizing its 10 districts, the very weirdly shaped 7th is at the center of attention.

Tapping their creativity

Dance has become quite avant-garde over the years, but Pam Hetherington and Kat Richter are building their upcoming Philly Fringe performance around a classic style.

Into the wild blue yonder

Heather Schultz has battled mightily to cope with disability that resulted from a pool accident. Her latest accomplishment is a flight-training program that has enabled her to soar to exhilarating heights.

Serial robber likes 7-Eleven

The thief committed his first robbery two years ago. He has been an elusive fellow ever since.

SWAT unit gets young robbery suspects

The two teens, one allegedly armed with a shotgun, fled to their Frankford home and refused to surrender. Officers eventually took them into custody.

Motorcycle riders can register for Flight 93 ceremony

The organization Brothers for Flight 93 will ride to Shanksville, Pa., to observe the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 terror attacks.

He's up to the challenge

As the new principal of Fels High School, Shawn M. McGuigan wants to emphasize academics, student pride, and earn the community's respect.

Police investigating two home invasions in Castor Gardens

Detectives in Northeast Philadelphia are investigating a home invasion-style robbery and an attempted home invasion that occurred 24 hours apart last week.