Articles by William Kenny

Local scrap metal business to buy waterfront land

A Northeast Philadelphia scrap metal business is planning to buy the Delaware River waterfront land that was being considered last year as a possible site for a controversial new city prison.

Henon: McArdle Playground will be upgraded

A Northeast Philadelphia playground will be getting a $500,000 facelift, possibly by the end of next year, according to City Councilman Bobby Henon.

Darragh elected president of Parkwood Civic Association

The Nov. 8 general election didn’t work out too well for state House hopeful Matt Darragh, but he fared a lot better eight days later when his Parkwood neighbors elected a new president of their civic group.

Construction firm seeks compromise for I-95 billboard

The owner of a Torresdale-based construction company has offered to donate $54,000 to a local nonprofit civic group if it withdraws its opposition to a proposed digital sign on Interstate 95.

Built to last

The Pennypack Creek Bridge may be an engineering marvel, although the method of construction is considered impractical for modern purposes. 

Alleged purse snatchers arrested in Mayfair

A Delaware County man and his woman companion were arrested for trying to shoplift from a Lower Mayfair supermarket last Thursday, just days after they snatched a senior woman’s purse inside another local store, police say.

Teen fractures skull in dirt bike accident

A teenager on an unregistered dirt bike fractured his skull when he crashed into a police car on Torresdale Avenue in Wissinoming on Monday afternoon, authorities say.

Straw Hat Bandit wanted in 11 robberies

A serial bank robber noted for his eclectic choices in headwear is still on the loose and wanted by the FBI.

Pumpkin-masked bandit hits Family Dollar

Halloween was over, but an armed robber found another purpose for his pumpkin mask on Nov. 6. He used it to conceal his identity as he ripped off a Family Dollar store in Lawndale.

Intruders steal $90,000 from home

Two unidentified intruders stole $90,000 cash and another $8,000 in jewelry from a Bustleton man inside his own home on Nov. 9.