Articles by William Kenny

Northwood tires slashed Christmas morning

Someone was sneaking around the streets of Northwood before dawn on Christmas morning, but he wasn’t wearing a red suit and carrying a bag of toys. Rather, he had a blade and was up to no good.

Accused killer’s court hearing postponed

A preliminary hearing for the accused killer of a 14-year-old Northeast High School student was postponed on Dec. 21.

Upper Holmesburg apartment expansion approved

The plan is to create a first-floor apartment at the half-acre property that features three apartments and two businesses.

Perplexed parking

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is now collecting meter fees in no parking zones and at posted bus stops on both sides of Frankford near Cottman Avenue.

Local police celebrate with students at holiday party

Police officers from the 2nd and 15th districts treated more than 120 Northeast school children to a holiday party on Dec. 14 at the Philadelphia Protestant Home.

Video shows Northwood Wawa gunman

A gunman held up a Northwood convenience store on Dec. 12 and made off with some of the store’s money. But he left behind sharp surveillance video of himself, police say.

Two slain in separate Frankford shootings

Two shootings separated by less than six hours claimed two men’s lives at opposite ends of Frankford last week.

Two dead after car crashes into bus on Blvd.

Two motorists died in a fiery crash with an off-duty church bus on Roosevelt Boulevard on Sunday night, according to police.

Rhawnhurst mugger targets 87-year-old woman

A twenty-something robber may have been looking for an easy target when he mugged an 87-year-old woman in Rhawnhurst earlier this month. But the crime may come back to haunt him anyway.

Redevelopment of former Liddonfield Homes moves forward

Philadelphia Housing Authority and NewCourtland have reached a verbal agreement and will formally sign the deal this week.