Articles by William Kenny

The verdict is in

Dre Nash, founder and CEO of Nash Automotive, sat on the witness stand testifying to the integrity of his former employee, Taylor Edsel, as Edsel stood trial for setting fire to the company’s alternative fuel automobile factory.

Third-strike offender sentenced to life

A third-strike violent offender was sentenced to life in prison earlier this month after the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office was able to use a 2012 state wiretapping law to convict him of a stabbing in Frankford.

Surveillance system foils burglary attempt

A Northeast homeowner with a surveillance system and a smartphone foiled a car full of burglars last Friday afternoon and he wasn’t even at home at the time.

Searching for solace

Suzan Minoret, a homeless Northeast woman who claims she’s Jerry Lewis’ daughter, says she’s seeking family, not fortune. 

Police: Would-be robber shot in head

The occupants of a Tacony home had a surprise waiting for an armed home invader who tried to rob them early last Friday. They had a gun, too, and were quicker on the draw.

Neighbors question NE marijuana distillery at civic meeting

In February, the daughter of the late Flyers founder Ed Snider told Parkwood residents about her plans for building a medical marijuana grow house in the neighborhood, and they backed her proposal unanimously.

13-year-old boy charged in synagogue vandalism

Vandals hurled a rock through a stained glass window of a Tacony synagogue on Monday morning. But unlike two similar prior incidents, police have arrested one of the alleged culprits, who is a 13-year-old local boy.

Tacony residents reject ‘sex-positive’ club

During a special meeting of the Tacony Civic Association on Thursday night, zoning attorney Justin Krik told more than 150 area residents that his clients’ plans for the historic Tacony Music Hall are in keeping with the 19th-century landmark’s original purpose.

Thieves steal running car while owner fills tank

A Mayfair motorist learned the hard way on March 5 that you should never leave your parked car running, even if it’s connected to a gas pump and you’re standing right next to it.

Teen arrested for attempted robbery, assault

A 17-year-old boy is facing attempted robbery and assaulting police charges in connection with two incidents in Parkwood early this week.