Articles by Tom Waring

Candidates pick up backing as Election Day nears

Ward leader Matt Wolfe is strongly backing fellow Republican Terry Tracy for City Council at large.

Bailey vows to clean up city, from dirty streets to corruption

“We need to stand lock step with the police. The police are the cornerstones of the community.” — Melissa Murray Bailey 

Tinney wants to help working-class neighborhoods

Dan Tinney hopes voters look at his resume when they go to the polls on Nov. 3 to elect seven at-large City Council members.

Ring warrior

Blue-collar boxer Scott Kelleher punches in. 

Panepinto promises to be an independent judge

Paul Panepinto, a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge, is calling on voters to elect him as an independent to Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Register of Wills candidate wants to abolish office

“The patronage mill ends here. When I move to abolish the office by having it absorbed into the court system, I will make sure none of this is possible.” — Ross Feinberg

DeFelice: Murray Bailey wins debate

Joe DeFelice, chairman of the Republican City Committee, declared GOP mayoral nominee Melissa Murray Bailey the winner of last week’s debate with Democratic candidate Jim Kenney.

Republican candidates rack up key endorsements

Terry Tracy, Dan Tinney and Al Taubenberger all received backing in the Council at-large race. 

DeFelice rips Kenney campaign after email controversy

The executive director of the Philadelphia Republican Party said the Kenney campaign is scared of Melissa Murray Bailey.

Holmesburg Civic postpones vote for food truck

The Holmesburg Civic Association last week put off a vote on a businessman’s proposal to open a food truck at his property at 7600 State Road.