Articles by Tom Waring

Jury continues deliberations in retrial of murder case

Daniel Dougherty is charged with arson and murder in the  1985 deaths of his two young sons in Oxford Circle. His 2000  conviction was overturned due to ineffective legal representation. 

The heart of CORA

CORA helps children and families in need with preschool courses, therapy and career development, among other programs.

GOP candidate supports school district 5-year plan

Jim Pio, Republican candidate in the 172nd Legislative District, is applauding the five-year plan that the School District of Philadelphia recently adopted.

International Union of Police Associations endorses Toomey

The International Union of Police Associations has endorsed Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey for re-election.

Domb aide urges people to file for tax credit

Jeff George, a community liaison for City Councilman Allan Domb, last week encouraged members of the Take Back Your Neighborhood civic association to file for the Earned Income Tax Credit, if they are eligible.

Decades of dominance

“I’ve been an active and substantive legislator. I’m deeply involved in the legislative process. I’m proud of my record.” — State Rep. Mark Cohen 

Cohen sues Solomon for libel over campaign flier

State Rep. Mark Cohen (D-202nd dist.) last week sued his primary challenger, Jared Solomon, for libel and slander.

Spotlight on Solomon

The Times sits down with candidate Jared Solomon to discuss the upcoming election. Next week, we’ll hear from his opponent. 

‘Resign to Run’ backed by 172nd district candidate

Jim Pio, the Republican candidate in the 172nd Legislative District, supports a “Resign to Run” law that would force elected state officials to resign from their current position if they want to run for a different position.

May Fair details announced

The Mayfair Business Association is planning its annual Mayfair May Fair, scheduled this year for Saturday, May 21.