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Veterans pass the torch

The motto of the Vietnam Veterans of America is plain and simple: “Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.”

Taking Fishtown to the River

Fishtown’s relationship to its waterfront has long been challenging, and the industrial area along Delaware Avenue near Penn Treaty Park is a particularly tough example.

With leukemia beat, she’s ready for first grade

It is likely one of the hardest things any parent ever has to hear.

He sees no barriers in NoLibs

Nearly three weeks after thieves stole an array of fitness equipment from the brand-new location of his rowing school and athletics gym, Dwayne Adams said he is starting to pick up the pieces and plan how he can move on.

With leukemia beat, she’s ready for first grade

After years of troubles, one Bridesburg family has a lot to be thankful for — 7-year-old Julia is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the date she was declared officially cured of cancer.

Coke Factory and Winzinger plant concern Bridesburg

Two big things are currently worrying Bridesburg.

On St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate, but remember

On St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday, many local residents will don green, knock back a few beers, and proudly drive around with Irish flags hanging from their cars, a longstanding St. Patrick’s Day tradition.

Fishtown Hotspurs score another tournament win

As the Fishtown Hotspurs prepared to face off about two months ago against an opposing suburban soccer team, the other team’s coach was so sure the scrappy Fishtowners would lose, he offered to throw the game.

Ex-Lt. Josey’s acquittal a ‘true smack in the face’

City officials and members of the Puerto Rican community and beyond said they were outraged and disappointed by the Feb. 26 acquittal of the former Philadelphia police officer charged with simple assault. Ex-police Lt. Jonathan Josey had been caught on video striking a woman in the face in Kensington during September’s Puerto Rican Day celebration, at 5th Street and Lehigh Avenue.

Writers, bakers or accessory makers: 3rd Ward wants you

Can you teach a unique or useful craft? Are you looking for a class to learn a new skill and explore your creativity?