Articles by Sam Newhouse

Port Richmond floods: explanation and advice

The Philadelphia Water Department says recent floods in Port Richmond were due to the system being overwhelmed, but not by a breakdown in the sewage infrastructure.

Council president talks AVI with Fishtown

City Council President Darrell Clarke recently stopped in Fishtown to address homeowner's concerns about the city's Actual Value Initiative.

Hinge Café reopens in Port Richmond

After being closed for more than a month, the popular Port Richmond dining spot reopened this week to great excitement.     

Thousands raised for fire victims

Community and local church efforts led to a charitable collection of over $4,000 and a roomful of donated goods for families on the 2800 block of Memphis Street displaced by a fire on July 21. 

UPDATED: Fire displaces five Port Richmond families

While no one was killed or seriously injured, adults and children whose homes were destroyed are left with only the clothes on their backs. Now, neighbors across the River Wards are working to lend a hand. 

Community rallies for fire victims

After an arsonist started a fire that destroyed the homes of five Port Richmond families, River Wards neighbors have responded in the way they know best: by coming together to support one another. 

Bridesburg’s pantry problem

A Bridesburg food pantry is reducing its hours to curb local complaints of overcrowding, but some neighbors fear it may not be enough.

South Kensington’s star is rising

The neighborhood could see a huge influx of residential and commercial spaces in the coming years. 

A F.O.R.K. in the road

Bicyclists last week took off on an exploration adventure around the River Wards last week, and it demonstrated just how vibrant the communities really are. 

A picturesque park picnic in Port Richmond

Port Richmond’s Campbell Square was filled last week with neighbors who gathered to enjoy food, music and the sunshine.