Articles by Sam Newhouse

Community grants from SugarHouse will soon increase

After its upcoming expansion, the casino will give the Penn Treaty Special Services District $1 million per year, all of which will benefit River Wards organizations. Here's a breakdown on where all that money has gone so far.

Neighborhood news in brief

Brief news items from around the River Wards.

Art with no home

Following 3rd Ward, two more creative spaces are shuttered. But where will the city’s artists go?

In with the highway, out with the residents

As PennDOT began sending buying offers to homeowners last week whose homes lie in the path of I-95's proposed development, residents under the Bridge Street exit hope for a good deal.

Working to eliminate more landfill waste

A River Wards facility has the technology to more efficiently recycle your appliances…for free.

Neighborhood news in brief

Brief news items from around the River Wards.

I-95 open house leaves Bridesburg grumbling

PennDOT is planning a redesign and expansion of Interstate 95 that will cause changes in Bridesburg's traffic patterns, leaving some locals miffed. 

On Frankford Ave., vinyl can hit or miss

Two record store owners weigh in on the musical landscape in Fishtown. 

A local groomer gone green

Did you know pet hair can be composted? The owner of Poochie's Place in NoLibes does — she’s using tons of it, plus other materials from her shop, to help the earth. 

A legacy ends quietly in the River Wards

After 80 years, a family-owned funeral home in Port Richmond was passed on to new hands recently. The last living descendant to work in the business tells the story of how it all began.