Articles by Sally Friedman

The scary, exciting step into high school

Here’s what I remember of my first day of high school:

Setting sale: Always on the lookout for the next big bargain

I’m thrifty. There, I’ve gone public!

Loss of a longtime spouse weighs heavy on the heart

Once, we were a foursome: couples lucky enough to find one another in this big world, and to discover that we were more than just compatible. We had all the ingredients that mesh into a good and meaningful friendship.

Grandchild’s journey from birth to adulthood happens quickly

I was there when she walked down an aisle of sorts at her nursery school graduation, the type of ceremony in which little tykes wear miniature caps and gowns, stare out at the sea of faces, and in a few cases try to bolt.

Celebrate National Women’s History Month with respect for all

Our granddaughter Hannah loves to hear about how I was married at the stage she is now: 21 and a graduating college senior.

Valentine’s Day is for love, but so is every other day of the year

It’s well after midnight, and I’m in the kitchen enjoying a private binge of frozen cake straight from the package.

Housework can be a chore, but the benefits usually worth it

I vacuumed today. The whole house.

Love and families the meaning of the holidays

December is a wonderful, slightly crazy month. Two words – “holiday season” – explain both the wonder and the craziness.

Savoring the sweetness of vacation with the family

12We always know we’ve arrived  at the right house on Long Beach Island each summer  when we recognize the old faded towels that our daughters once dragged to day camp drying on the deck of a summer cottage.