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Fishtown: ‘Yes’ to Canal St. North project

Core Realty's “Canal St. North Project” would bring a large music venue, a bar, restaurant, bowling alley and retail space to the waterfront in Fishtown. Residents are worried about parking, but voted in support of the development.

Author remembers Depression-era Fishtown

Joseph O. McLaughlin has written a book, “The Die is Cast,” that recalls life in Fishtown decades ago.

Kicking cancer to the gutter

The Dude Hates Cancer fundraiser and annual bowling tournament - based on the film, “The Big Lebowski,” of course - hopes to raise $100,000 this year to benefit leukemia and lymphoma research. Bowlers will hit the lanes Saturday in Northern Liberties.

Skating for an excellent adventure

Kids from River Wards PAL centers were among those competing last Friday for a skateboarder’s dream experience: a chance to work with pro skater and Philly native Chris Cole.

Port Richmond wants its park back

Neighbors living near Powers Park have complained the space is being taken over by teenagers who stir up trouble, trash the area and openly drink and use drugs. Now, locals are attempting to turn things around.

A look at reality along ‘the avenue’

Jeffrey Stockbridge photographs and interviews the men and women who live life along Kensington Avenue for his blog “Kensington Blues.” While their stories can be examples of the place at its worst, Stockbridge says the people - and the community - display incredible strength.

Philly311: connection to City Hall stronger than ever

With the help of its mobile app and the Neighborhood Association Liaison training program, Philly311 is dedicated to bridging the gap between residents and government service.

Locals invited to testify at City Council parks and recreation hearing

Kensington's so-called ‘Needle Park’ was among those up for discussion at the hearing, which provided an opportunity for citizens to discuss violence, vandalism and negligence in city parks and recreation facilities.

Bridesburg Elementary student honored for activism

Jordyn Colville is a young hero.

In this club, they are all winners

Hailing from across the globe, thirteen winners of a Boys & Girls Club contest visited the Bridesburg Boys & Girls Club last week. What did they all have in common? Their love for the organization itself.