Articles by Mikala Jamison

Port Richmond vs. breast cancer

The Ladies of Port Richmond are working hard to raise money to help local hospitals during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What they hope to do next is expand beyond the namesake neighborhood.

And they all fall down

The vacant Henry F. Ortlieb Brewery buildings in Northern Liberties could be demolished at any time beginning today, but exactly when is unclear. Ortlieb’s is among the last industrial landmarks in the neighborhood. What’s to come after the dust settles?

In Romney T-shirt uproar, both sides call for threats to stop

Samantha Pawlucy told Star last week she didn’t want her teacher, Lynette Gaymon, to be threatened. Now Gaymon has asked the same for her former student, who is reportedly not returning to Charles Carroll High.

Port Richmond girl: ‘I’ll still wear the shirt’

Samantha Pawlucy, 16, wore a Romney-Ryan shirt to school one day. After her math teacher mocked her and was removed from teaching that class, Pawlucy’s now the focus of a nationwide discussion on free speech. She returned to school Tuesday for a short time, but will now reportedly transfer.

The greener side of Fishtown and Kensington

Philly young people interested in sustainable projects will take a walking tour this Saturday of local green buildings, community gardens and urban farms in Fishtown and Kensington through Young Involved Philadelphia.

‘Needle Park’ gets new playground, but will it help?

A longstanding haven for drug users, Kensington’s McPherson Square has struggled to shake its bad reputation. Now that it has a new Flyers-orange playground, neighbors hope that children will come, and junkies will leave.

City’s ‘best’ and ‘worst’ vacant lots are both in the River Wards

The Campaign to Take Back Vacant Land (TBVL) says Philly's best and worst vacant lots are both in Kensington.

PRWCAN keeps Port Richmond informed

Port Richmond West Community Action Network filled meeting attendees in on the new Voter ID law and other issues of note.

Historic Palmer Cemetery could see some changes

Due to lack of resources for grounds maintenance, Palmer Cemetery in Fishtown may be forced to add restrictions to the decoration of grave sites in 2013.

Author remembers Depression-era Fishtown

Joseph O. McLaughlin has written a book, "The Die is Cast," that recalls life in Fishtown decades ago.