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The River Wards’ business boom

Editor’s note: if you’d like us to feature your new-in-2012 River Wards business in this story, please email editor Mikala Jamison at; we’ll keep updating this online version of the article.

River Wards schools among those recommended to close

On Thursday, Dec. 13, Philadelphia School District Superintendent William R. Hite. Jr. announced an unprecedented list of recommendations for school closures, grade changes, mergers, relocations and program co-locations.

2012: The Year in Review

Archdiocese plans to close five high schools, 45 elementary schools; St. Laurentius and St. George appeal, remain openIn early January, the Catholic Archdiocese called for the closing of five high schools and 45 elementary schools throughout the city. Representatives from St. Laurentius and St. George schools, both in the River Wards, vowed to appeal the decision.

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SNAPSHOT: A perfect Port Richmond present

On Dec. 6, the Ladies of Port Richmond presented Nazareth Hospital with a $17,000 grant for breast cancer education and awareness. The Ladies of Port Richmond raise funds to increase breast cancer awareness through education.

SNAPSHOT: Making memories at Memphis Street Academy

Proud students in grades 5 through 8 (at right in image gallery) at the Memphis Street Academy Charter School at J.P. Jones received their first uniform blazers and commemorative pins at formal pinning ceremonies on Dec. 5 and 6. The school was taken over by education management organization American Paradigm Schools earlier this year. American Paradigm was charged with turning around the formerly troubled J.P. Jones Middle School.

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Port Richmond woman reaches 101 years old

Mary Celebre has lived in Port Richmond through ten decades — she’s seen the neighborhood go through prohibition, the Great Depression, wars, advances in industry, music and clothing styles, and the ever-increasing changes that simply come with the passing of time.

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River Wards news at-a-glance

Updates and brief reports on River Wards news.