Northeast Times

 Articles by John Loftus

Remnants of a catastrophe

Pieces of lost lives.

Bevilacqua court appearance up in the air

A cardinal is due in court. Maybe.

Former CLIP employees go on trial on Monday

Five former city workers accused of ransacking homes are scheduled to go on trial on Monday.

Police think bank robber made a second call

Before the rain started on Aug. 27, a robber swept into the Vist Bank on the 8000 block of Verree Road and was in the pre-Irene wind with more than 12 grand a few minutes later.

The science of sweet dreams

Cancer. It’s a word with so much meaning.

Pharmaceutical firm buys golf-course acreage

Teva North America finally signs on the dotted line and will build a distribution complex on 136 acres of Island Green.

The aftermath of Hurricane Irene

Residents continue to assess the damage caused by the strong storm, including flooding and trees flattened by gusty winds.

Use common sense to avoid burglaries

It’s the little things.

Getting down to business

Sometimes, it really is about who you know.

Defendant in assault must have mental-health tests

A judge orders the evaluation as part of ongoing efforts to determine whether Shawn Aiken is competent to stand trial on charges related to the March 2010 attack.