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 Articles by John Loftus

Beware small biz scam

The Federal Trade Commission is warning small business owners to be wary of e-mails that say they’re from the FTC.

Taylor bill protects beer distributors

A Northeast Philadelphia Republican legislator has his own idea of how the state can stop selling booze and still protect the private businesses that already have pieces of that business.

Bill would help delinquent property taxpayers pay up

City Council is considering a bill aimed at helping — and prodding — delinquent property taxpayers to start paying their shares of the more than half-billion bucks in back taxes Philadelphia is owed.

Many values are fair, but there are exceptions

City officials say the Actual Value Initiative’s aim is fairness. The reassessments property owners have been receiving since mid-February are supposed to be what owners would get for their properties if they sold them now.

Surprisingly, underassessments are also an issue

State Rep. Kevin Boyle said that among the questions and gripes he has heard about property reassessments were complaints from residents who feel the city has  undervalued their homes.

Senior citizens can freeze real estate tax increases

Senior citizens who meet income requirements can fend off property tax increases by applying for “the senior freeze” by Oct. 14.

Stinking beauty

Brandon Huber has a tall plant with a purple flower whose fragrance is death itself. Fittingly, it’s called a “corpse plant,” and for the young Northeast resident, its stink is the smell of victory.

Appealing your AVI assessment: what to know

Every property owner who received a new assessment in the mail last week also got an explanation of how the number was derived and how that new assessment can be appealed.For example, a homeowner who was told his or her property is worth $100,000 when most nearby properties have been selling for much less might want to try to get that $100,000 figure lowered.

Rizzo PAL girl among ‘Honorary Public Officials’ on PAL Day

More than 20 youngsters from the Police Athletic League experienced life in the work place during the annual Lockheed Martin PAL Day at City Hall on Feb. 12.