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 Articles by John Loftus

Convicted priest dies in prison

The Rev. Charles Engelhardt, an Oblate of St. Francis DeSales who was in the process of appealing his 2013 child molestation conviction, died Sunday. 

Zoning decision reversed; NE mosque cannot expand

A 2012 zoning board decision that would have allowed a Northeast mosque to build a 65-foot minaret on its Boulevard property was reversed last week.

Veterans share war stories with Orleans students

William J. Myers had to pay for the helmet he wore as a Marine during World War II. The 89-year-old South Philly man still recalls the price with a smile. He was charged $2.87.

Ready for action

“Is ‘zam’ a word?” asked the boy who had run into Steve Schmidt’s office at the McIlvain Rec Center on Penn Street.

Building a presence

Rev. Jonathan N. Clodfelter is on a mission of peace. The Frankford rector has reached out to the mayor and police commissioner to help keep the neighborhood safe.   

Two Frankford parks to be renamed

A couple small Frankford parks could receive new names, and some residents who have been fixing up and maintaining the neighborhood green spaces have chosen to honor local good guys.

Preying on people’s fear, Ebola scams run rampant

Con artists love scares, and, right now, Ebola is generating panic and fear. 

No election for Millbrook Civic board members

Millbrook Civic Association board members won’t stand for election at the end of this month. Only the current board members were nominated during the association’s Oct. 28 session at the Calvary Athletic Association. 

New bill requires database of vacant properties

There are dangers in the city’s large, dark, empty places, and City Council last week passed a measure that will make them safer, especially for firefighters. The key to that increased safety is information.

Large marijuana stash found in Frankford store

There’s less marijuana in Frankford. More than 38 pounds less.