Articles by John Loftus

SEPTA’s police chief to visit Frankford Civic

SEPTA’s police chief, Thomas Nestel III, will speak to Frankford Civic Association members about his force’s operations at neighborhood El stops during their Thursday, Feb. 5, meeting, Pete Specos, the association’s president, said last week.

O’Neill bill targets home occupations

Keeping businesses out of residential neighborhoods is the aim of a bill introduced by City Councilman Brian O’Neill (R-10th dist.)

Normandy Civic Association mulls expanding borders

Members of the Normandy Civic Association last week discussed expanding the organization’s borders to include industrial property south of Comly Road.

2nd Police District tests social media partnership

Two 2nd Police District officers are using neighborhood social media sites to send alerts, crime-prevention tips and other information directly to residents.

Living a fantasy

Somerton author Susan Love recently wrote ‘Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure,’ an animated ebook inspired by her experiences in the classroom.  

Frankford NAC approves variances for lab and duplex

Residents OK’d a request for a special zoning exception by a lab company to operate on Oxford Avenue and a zoning variance for a Ruan Street duplex during the Jan. 8 meeting of the Frankford Neighborhood Advisory Committee.

Final day for old Nabisco plant will be May 1

On May 1, a landmark that long has dominated the Northeast Philadelphia skyline will go dark, and when the lights fade away at what once had been the Nabisco bakery at Roosevelt Boulevard and Byberry Road, almost 300 jobs will disappear.

Electric bill scam targets local PECO customers

An electric bill scam that just won’t die is claiming more and more victims, some of whom have been hit up for big dollars. One mark who thought he was paying an overdue bill recently lost $6,000 in a scheme PECO has been tracking for years. This is how it works:

BRT almost finished with 2014 assessment appeals

The Board of Revision of Taxes is almost finished the gigantic job of processing more than 23,000 property assessment appeals for the 2014 tax year. There are about 2,000 left, Carla Pagan, the BRT’s executive director, told the Northeast Times.

Zoning issues to be discussed at Frankford NAC meeting

Members of the Frankford Neighborhood Advisory Committee will be considering five zoning issues during what looks to be a busy session at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 8, at the Second Baptist Church of Frankford, 1801 Meadow St.