Articles by John Loftus

School Reform Commission approves new MaST school

John F. Swoyer III received some good news from the School Reform Commission last week, but it came with a little uncertainty.

Public meets with NE police during town hall meeting

Members of the public got a chance to meet the brass last week and also to tell the Northeast’s top cops what concerns them in their neighborhoods.

Wind takes down steeple on Burholme church

If you ever needed an example of a bad thing happening in the best possible way, a likely nominee would be how the Burholme Baptist Church’s steeple toppled during high winds Sunday morning.

Normandy discusses border expansion

Normandy Civic Association members continued to discuss expanding the organization’s borders during their Feb. 10 session at the Norcom Community Center.

Handful of Northeast vacants deemed unsafe

There are more than 100 vacant homes in Philadelphia that are in such bad shape that they should be torn down immediately, City Controller Alan Butkovitz said last week. They’re just too unsafe to leave standing, he said.

Capt. Palumbo announces his departure at 2nd PDAC session

It seems like just a couple years ago that Capt. Frank Palumbo took command of the Lower Northeast’s 2nd Police District.

Bustleton Bengals raise money needed for new gym

Vince Tarducci likes to joke that he’s the gym director of the Bustleton Bengals, an organization that has no gym. Maybe that’s more ironic than it is funny, but it won’t be either before long. 

Union boss criticizes report of fire department sex scandal

The president of the city firefighters’ union last week confirmed that seven of his members will face some sort of discipline because of their alleged sex involvement with a female paramedic.

A primeval adventure

Some Baldi Middle School students have been getting all primeval this year. Twenty-four kids in William Mathes’s art class have been building sculptures of dinosaurs, and they’re not anything close to desktop models.

The Mosaic Muse

Nora McCloskey sees the artistic potential in an old mirror and shards of glass.