Articles by John Loftus

City controller wants school district art out of storage

The city controller wants the Philadelphia school district to take its large collection of art out of storage and display it somewhere, which is something a spokesman said the schools are working on.

Bustleton Ave. businesses create new group

The owners and operators of Bustleton Avenue businesses have organized, according to Sandi King of the city’s Commerce Department. And the goal of the new group, its president said, is to help its members prosper, grow and, most important, stay in Philly.

Serial robber targeting seniors

Police who have been looking for a man who follows elderly people home from local banks and robs them before they can get safely inside have a warrant for his arrest and were looking for him Tuesday.

Postal Service delivers scam reimbursements

Not snow jobs, or cheats or darkened hearts can keep the U.S. Postal Service from its appointed task. And last week, part of the postal service’s daily duty of delivering the mail included bringing reimbursement checks to the homes of people scammed in wide-ranging frauds that cost them millions.

Junior gardeners harvest at Palmer Playground

The junior gardeners/farmers at Palmer Playground are harvesting the flowers and veggies they’ve been nurturing all season.

Going green

As there are every year, there are many Northeast gardeners competing in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s garden contest.

Building hope

The abandoned building on Cottage Street in Frankford is a wreck. But for the church across the street, it’s an opportunity to enhance the community.

The three-story, five-sided brick structure at Harrison and Cottage in Frankford might have been a grand building a long time ago. Not anymore. Yet, the congregation of the church across the street wants to bring it back, and its members are willing to spend big money and a lot of toil to do it.

40 years of building a future

Ask Debbie Bello, Orleans Technical Institute’s admissions director, for her fondest memory of her 15 years at the school and she recalls crying at a graduation.

IRS warns customers about rampant phone scam

According to an Aug. 13 IRS news release, 1,100 victims have lost $5 million.

When you answer your phone, don’t believe anybody who claims to be from the IRS -— especially one who demands you cough up some dough, or else. There really might be federal employees who think you nibbled at the truth on your tax return, but they aren’t calling. Con artists are.