Articles by Hayden Mitman

Crazy contraptions in Kensington

Check out our photo gallery of the kinetic sculptures from the May 19 Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby and Trenton Avenue Arts Festival.

The true Kensington

Reporter Hayden Mitman reflects on what makes Kensington anything but a bad place to live.

City’s Parks Alliance to council: ‘Show us the money’

With parks playing such a crucial role in life in our neighborhoods, where's the money to help fund them?

Remembering Sabina

Star reporter Hayden Mitman reflects on how the community has changed, and become safer, in the years since the death of Sabina O'Donnell.

A celebration of crazy creativity

Witness art in motion (and mud pits) this Saturday at the Kensington Kinetic Derby

Africa, adventure and an ambulance

Fishtowner Mike Reali and friends spent the last few months on a trek through Africa to donate a much-needed ambulance.

What's up with the budget? Council gets an earful in Kensington

Local residents let council hear their concerns about city funding and other issues during a budget hearing held in Kensington.

What will become of Philly schools?

Concerned residents questioned school officials on overhaul plan at input meeting.

Honoring heroes at Living Flame Memorial

Philadelphia honors its fallen firefighters and police officials, including Lt. Robert Neary and fireman Daniel Sweeney, during the Living Flame Memorial.

Phillies throw stikes in Northern Liberties

Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz and other Phillies players bowl for a worthy cause: supporting college-bound Philly students.