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 Articles by Ed Morrone

Squilla plans to clean and green

Community groups can get a $1,000 grant from Mark Squilla’s office to help afford neighborhood cleanups.

Civic group meets to dicsuss issues of blight and crime

The Port Richmond West Community Action Network invited special guests to its meeting last week, with the aim of solving problems that impact the community.

Devastating déjà vu

Guy Moore must endure the same dreadful fate twice. After North Catholic closed, the former Falcon basketball coach relocated to the West Catholic hardwood, where he now must face another school closing.

Building his own legacy

All of his life, Andrew Guckin heard the stories.

Leader of the pack

If the Archbishop Ryan High School boys basketball team was any scrappier, they’d probably be stripped for parts and sold at the local junkyard.

Grand finale

After a disappointing fall in the Public League championship, Frankford made sure its season ended on a high note.

Eagles fall short of city title

“It’s always an exciting opportunity for us to play a great opponent like La Salle, and there’s no shame in losing to such a quality team. That said, it is hard for us to stack up against them.” — Washington coach Ron Cohen

Thanksgiving Preview: Panthers vs Pioneers

When North Catholic shut its doors for good last year, it meant the end of one of the oldest traditions in the city. The annual Thanksgiving Day game with Frankford — like all else associated with the school — was reduced to a memory in the minds of the players, coaches and alumni.