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 Articles by Ed Morrone

Grappling with the success of his wrestling career

“Wrestling is one of the few sports where natural ability won't get you very far. You have to work doubly hard for everything.” — Calvary Christian Academy sophomore Richie Cerebe

Leukemia Crusade

“We're going to play basketball and stuff our faces all night while raising money for a great cause. How can you beat that?” — Father Judge senior Anthony Walker on the school's basketball marathon.

Making it count

“I think what I'll always remember the most is having fun playing basketball for an extra few years with my best friends.” — Dylan McHugh on playing basketball for St. Matthew CYO.

All in the family

As part of a Somerton blended family composed of 10 siblings, these sisters know all too well what it's like to also be part of a basketball family.

Filmmaker focuses on cleaning up Kensington

Filmmaker Jamie Moffett has started the Kensington Renewal Initiative, a new program, through which he hopes to restore dilapidated properties and move drug dealers off corners throughout Kensington.

Newer depths

“The last thing I want to do is look back on these four years and say I didn’t get to experience high school.” — Little Flower sophomore Rose Clare Pisacano

Do you believe in miracles? St. Hubert says yes!

“We never held a funeral. To me, we were always a body with a pulse.” — St. Hubert athletic director Mike Prendergast on remaining optimistic

Witnesses recount Panas slaying at trial

“Frank Tepper murdered Billy Panas. He had his entire life ahead of him. Don’t let anybody tell you that he deserved it.” — Assistant District Attorney Michael Barry