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St. Hubert has 4 teams with reason to cheer

Perhaps it’s time for the St. Hubert High School cheerleading team to get its own cheerleading team.

Glenn stands tall for Ryan

Shannon Glenn did it to help the team.

Back to the grind

It was exactly 24 hours after they were eliminated from the Catholic League playoffs.

Rodriguez happy to continue basketball Crusade

Marc Rodriguez was incredibly disappointed when his season ended.

Quick to the point

Before Friday night, Austin Slawter knew that when basketball season ended, so likely did his career.

In the groove

As a kid, Allen Betrand gravitated toward football. But when he was 12, his mom suggested he give basketball a shot, mostly to give him something to do.

Vikings’ big man gets motivation from mom

John Kirkpatrick doesn’t have to think too hard when asked where he gets his work ethic from.

Here’s to the Crusaders

Winning as sophomores was great.

Drive to succeed

Erin Fenningham had high hopes entering high school. 

Three cheers for Crispin

When Nanette Joyce and Dawn Bringhurst brought cheerleading to Crispin, the goal was to provide children in the area with a place where they can perform.