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Letters to the Editor: September 28, 2016

Education badly needed 

Op-ed: Help with mental health illness is available

Every day, thousands of people across the commonwealth voluntarily seek and receive mental health care.

Octoberfest feasts

It’s 183 years old and still going strong. Munich’s Octoberfest began on Saturday and will continue until Oct. 3. Octoberfest extends for an extra day of festivities this year to include Germany’s Unity Day. Today, Munich is not the only place to celebrate in beer gardens. Local breweries have given rise to pop-up beer gardens throughout the Philadelphia area, and they are serving some pretty good beer here.

Letters to the Editor: September 21, 2016

Possible gas tax is immoral

Time for football food

With the Eagles season here, what food is on your football menu? Too many wings, and you won’t be flying with the Eagles. Tired of being a wide receiver? Would you rather be a tight end? Remember, your team is not the only green in the field — there’s salad.

ShopRite celebrates 10-years of registered dietitian program

September marks the 10-year anniversary of ShopRite’s registered dietitian program.

Letters to the Editor: September 14, 2016

White refuses per diems

Portion of County Line Road will be dedicated to Vietnam vet

On Sunday, Sept. 11, Rep. Thomas P. Murt will officially dedicate a portion of County Line Road to SP4 Ronald C. Smith. 

Op-ed: Hohenstein issues debate challenge

I was born and raised in Frankford, and it’s the place I still call home today. I have worked for years supporting my Quaker Meeting and our small school in Frankford. I believe I have a responsibility to keep my neighborhood great, and I continually strive to be a positive voice in the community. That’s why I made the decision to run for office. I see the good, strong, working-class neighborhoods where I grew up getting overlooked by Harrisburg politicians who treat Philadelphia like some sort of urban backwater.

Letters to the Editor: September 7, 2016

Now I’m voting for Trump