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Letters to the Editor: Jan. 18, 2017

Thank you, local police

Op-ed: Keeping seniors healthy, happy remains top priority

All throughout this past election season, President-elect Trump repeatedly promised to protect Social Security and Medicare. In one of his most strident commitments to the programs, he said, “Every Republican wants to do a big number on Social Security, they want to do it on Medicare, they want to do it on Medicaid. And we can’t do that. And it’s not fair to the people that have been paying in for years.” Many of us, despite grave misgivings about the president-elect’s other hardline policy positions, gave him some credit for going against the grain of his party’s orthodoxy in his pledge to protect benefits that millions of Americans have paid for and rightly expect to receive. But now that Trump is assembling his cabinet and constructing an agenda guided by GOP congressional leaders, we have good reasons to be worried that Trump’s promises were an empty sales pitch.

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 11, 2017

Find ministry in homeless problem

Eating healthy in 2017

What’s the skinny on losing some fat? It’s January, the traditional month for resolutions to eat better and to lose some weight. 

Soup’s on for 2017

January’s chill makes it the time to eat a bowl of piping-hot soup. Let the snow fall and the winds howl while you make some.

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 4, 2017

Slow down speed cameras

Power of punch

Fish House Punch contains no fish. That has doubtless contributed to its staying power, since it has been served since at least 1732. It does contain many spirits and may conjure up some other-worldly spirits, if you drink too much. What is essential is a punch bowl and a large chunk of ice to dilute and chill the punch. 

Op-ed: Nothing sweet about Mayor Kenney’s soda tax

Pour Jim Kenney’s soda tax down the drain, because it’s toxic.

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 28, 2016

Open old prison for homeless

Letters to the Editor: December 21, 2016

Time to look in mirror