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Letters to the editor October 27, 2011 edition

Restitution shouldn’t let thieves off the hook

Editorial: Say No! to Tasco

Sadly, half of the quartet running for City Council in Northeast Philly’s contested district races have a problem with morals.

Editorial: Pay the CLIP victims

A price was put on justice last week, and the city should make sure the bill is paid quickly.

Letters to the editor October 20, 2011 edition

There’s strength in unity of the unemployed

Letters to the editor October 13, 2011 edition

Know people before you condemn them

Editorial: Lousy Louie

Few can argue that racism in Philadelphia has been extinguished. It exists in government, in the form of government contracts reserved for minorities. It exists in the hearts of many people in many neighborhoods. It exists in the subconscious of people. It was part and parcel of a few mayors — Frank “Vote White” Rizzo and John “The brothers and sisters are running the city” Street.

Letters to the editor October 6, 2011 edition

Phillies strike out on playoffs for all to see

Editorial: Safety is paramount

Anyone age 30 or older knows that kids are boneheads sometimes, particularly when a bunch of them are piled into a moving car and are plastered with drugs or alcohol or both. The result, too often, is a mixture of mangled metal, blood, gore and heartache, a totally senseless loss of life.

Letters to the editor September 29, 2011 edition

Owners ask burglar to return dog’s ashes

Editorial: The GOP is a flop

Is Brian J. O’Neill being picked on because he’s a Republican? Yes, but the longtime Philadelphia councilman from the Far Northeast is a big boy and can handle it.