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Letters to the Editor: March 21, 2012

Where, oh where, is the doggie park? NowhereIn response to the letter in last week’s edition concerning the dog park at Lawncrest (Our beloved doggie park is not so beloved anymore):I am the supervisor at Lawncrest Recreation Center. First, let me say there is no doggie park on this site. Over the course of several years with the decline of a baseball program, a number of dog owners and their dogs “squatted” on the fenced little league field and proclaimed it a dog park. Nothing was ever done officially by the city to dedicate the area to dogs and their owners. With the resurgence of the baseball program under the vibrant Lawncrest Lions, it has necessitated a change. It is a baseball field once again!More to the point, several months ago I received a call from a woman who identified herself as African-American. She explained to me about a woman who said the doggie park was hers and no one of color could use it. She asked what could be done about the intimidation and discrimination. I suggested she could call the police or the mayor’s office on human relations, and I would see what I could do about the issue as well. Since I heard nothing more about it, I thought the problem had been resolved.Jim Ritvalsky

Letters to the Editor: March 14, 2012

No apology is needed for this CatholicRegarding the letter in the Feb. 29 edition from deacon John Hynes (Apologize or paper goes in the bird cage): I feel the Northeast Times has always presented both sides of current issues in a fair manner. Your editorial about the late Cardinal Bevilacqua did not offend me.It is time for Catholics to open their eyes. The church has hid the truth on many moral and financial facts. What I see going on now within the church is heartbreaking.The officials who were responsible for withholding information about the sexual abuse should step forward. Monsignor William Lynn is being used as a scapegoat. He did what he was told to do. Most scandals do have a scapegoat — history has taught us that.As for the ongoing trial, it seems the judge and district attorney all have higher political ambitions.I will continue to read and value the opinions presented in the Northeast Times. We are all capable of drawing our own decisions.The deacon does not speak for this Catholic. His threat of a financial backlash for the editorial is sad. This world has seen enough bias, discrimination and hate. Let the truth speak for itself. Let God be the final judge. Thank you for having the courage to place the editorial in your paper.Lynda GeorgeOxford Circle

Editorial: Smile for the camera

A majority of the American people tend to sit on their hands every election day. The number of non-voters is staggering and pathetic; perhaps some day they will wake up and exercise their duty faithfully and diligently. The people who do vote, however, should be limited to one vote per person. After all, “one man, one vote” is in the Constitution.

Editorial: Get off the phone!

A state law designed to crack down on DWS — driving while stupid — that goes into effect Thursday shows just how tone-deaf members of the Pennsylvania Legislature really are.

Letters to the Editor: March 7, 2012

Vandalism victim’s in a forgiving mood

Letters to the Editor: February 29, 2012

Fattah should seek assistance for all groups

Editorial: Postpone the primary

If members of the Pennsylvania Legislature want to look in the mirror and not be ashamed, they must, within the next week or so, send to Gov. Corbett a bill that postpones the primary election.

Editorial: Look out!!

It should come as no great shock that a shockingly high percentage of Northeast residents surveyed  for a recent poll by Pew Charitable Trusts think Philadelphia has changed for the worse in the last five years.

Letters to the Editor: February 22, 2012

How dare Michelle push for healthy kids!

Letters to the Editor: February 15, 2012

The Catholic Church should accept the facts of real life