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Baked blueberry bliss

“Oh, I forgot to add the blueberries!” exclaimed Aunt Doris, who frequently brings her fabulous blueberry cake to share after our art class each week. We are not blood relatives, but Aunt Doris is the kind of person anyone would wish to have as an aunt. And she makes some mean cakes.

Letters to the Editor: July 16, 2014

Guilt by association

Sweet Summer Spuds

Bonjour! Vive les Frites!

Letters to the Editor: July 9, 2014

Stop home invasions

Emergency care or urgent care?

A patient needs to know the difference between routine, urgent and emergency care.

Freedom, fireworks and food

As America celebrates her 238th birthday bash, and fireworks light up the sky, fun foods will certainly be on the menu. This red, white and blue day calls for a dessert that shows off those colors. Serve a dazzling dessert that incorporates our patriotic colors. Make a 4th of July Poke Cake.

‘God Bless America, Land That I Love’

Let me give it to you straight:

Letters to the Editor: July 2, 2014

Noise in Rhawnhurst

Letters to the Editor: June 25, 2014

Stand up for students

World Cup Calimari

Not quite Latin American cuisine, Brazilian food is a blend of European, African, Native Indian and Japanese influences. Brazil’s national beverage is coffee, and its most popular cocktail is the Caipirinha, made from cachaca (Brazilian rum), lime and sugar. Brazilian cuisine has yet to have its moment in the sun in the Philadelphia area. But with the World Cup and the upcoming Olympics being held in Brazil, we may be tasting more of their foods— including octopus.