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Editorial: There is plenty to be thankful for in the NE

As the turkeys, mashed potatoes and other goodies are about to be placed on dinner tables across the Northeast on Thursday, what do we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Letters to the Editor: November 27, 2013

There are certainly bigger issues at hand

Editorial: Say yes to merit selection

Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on much in Harrisburg or Washington, but there is at least one noteworthy bill in the state legislature that enjoys bipartisan support.

Fifty years after the bullet that changed us

For a generation of us, he was the gallant knight — handsome, brave, smart and charming. The smile, the athleticism, the sweet way he showed his affection for Caroline and little John-John…all of it captivated us.

Letters to the Editor: November 20, 2013

Honoring our veterans with support

Letters to the Editor: November 13, 2013

A symbol of remembrance in Holme Circle

Editorial: Voter turnout is grim

Picture a packed Citizens Bank Park with only the people in the front rows actually paying attention to the game even though everybody paid a nice buck to get in. 

Letters to the Editor: November 6, 2013

Continuing to defend traditional marriage

Editorial: Help those in need

It’s a Northeast tradition 58 years in the making.

Letters to the Editor: October 30, 2013

“Show It” campaign is costly and confusing