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Editorial: Money for nothing

You have to hand it to Arlene Ackerman. She sure knows how to make a deal. No, the superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia was not responsible for the earthquake that rattled the East Coast one day after she was ousted from her cushy job, but she certainly did shake loose a whole lot of bucks for her departure.

Let me guess … you're an Elvis impersonator

This week marks the 34th year since The King's death. And the army of Presley clones just keeps growing and growing.

Times editorial: Bring down the House

Don’t laugh, gentle voters, but here’s a simple question: Are you getting your money’s worth from your friendly neighborhood state legislator? If you’re like most folks, the answer’s probably a big, emphatic “NO!”

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 18, 2011 edition

Join in the forum — write to us

Letters to the editor August 11, 2011 edition

A giant helping of customer service

Editorial: The mayor is right

“You want to have children? Take care of them.”

Fear and loathing on I-95

I love driving on I-95 through Northeast Philly. Nothing is so relaxing as casually glancing at your mirror and being freaked by the massive headlights of a screaming 16-wheeler that’s six inches off your bumper, pushing you to do 70, 75, and then the trucker mercifully blows right by you, the back of his trailer tagged with one of those signs that ask, “How’s My Driving?”

Letters to the editor August 4, 2011 edition

Small insults can wreck a community

Editorial: Summer thaw

Don’t let the back-to-school ads fool you. August is still an infant and summer’s only half over. The U.S. government has finally (temporarily) solved its debt-ceiling crisis, so for the time being things at the federal level are dullsville.

Letters to the editor, July 28, 2011

Social Security gives to the undeserving