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Letters to the editor October 6, 2011 edition

Phillies strike out on playoffs for all to see

Editorial: Safety is paramount

Anyone age 30 or older knows that kids are boneheads sometimes, particularly when a bunch of them are piled into a moving car and are plastered with drugs or alcohol or both. The result, too often, is a mixture of mangled metal, blood, gore and heartache, a totally senseless loss of life.

Letters to the editor September 29, 2011 edition

Owners ask burglar to return dog’s ashes

Editorial: The GOP is a flop

Is Brian J. O’Neill being picked on because he’s a Republican? Yes, but the longtime Philadelphia councilman from the Far Northeast is a big boy and can handle it.

Letters to the editor September 22, 2011 edition

Put drug clinic next to Schwartz’s office

Editorial: Sour grapes

Republicans just can’t get over the fact that a rookie U.S. senator with no executive experience but tons of charisma cleaned the clock of a Vietnam War hero and veteran U.S. senator a quarter-century his senior to become the leader of the free world.

Editorial: The $905,000 question

Is the Arlene Ackerman scandal over? Not if citizens give a darn.

Letters to the editor September 15, 2011 edition

Community event was a great success

Editorial: Never again

Sunday is bound to be emotionally tough for most people who love America. We lost our innocence and sense of security 10 years ago. Things have never been the same as they were before the terrorist attacks and never will.

Letters to the editor September 8, 2011 edition

Fly the flag to remember 9/11