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H2O is vital

H2O is so important.

Fruits and vegetables can combat many illnesses

During the development of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, multiple studies suggested that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains may offer some protection against cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes and neurodegeneration.

Letters to the editor: January 22, 2014

Take pride in the Northeast

Legislators call for tax fairness

We need tax fairness to ensure that tax deadbeats pay what they owe, and homeowners do not receive yearly property tax hikes. More than a year ago, we gathered with neighbors in Tacony to push for tax fairness and we went to work in the General Assembly. Recently, two bills were passed in Harrisburg to improve tax fairness and help hard-working homeowners in Northeast Philadelphia.

Aging matters: Milk does the body good

Got milk?

Letters to the Editor: January 15, 2014

Are we all safe in Sochi? 

Letters to the Editor: January 8, 2014

Now is the time for change

Letters to the Editor: January 1, 2014

End of Christmas season

A better way to party on New Year’s Eve

My serious mistake had been to believe a friend who had uttered those seven seductive words, “Have I got a guy for you!”

Letters to the Editor: December 25, 2013

The right to choose