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Letters to the Editor: August 5, 2015

Support friends in blue

Op-Ed: ‘I am running because public service is my highest calling’

It’s a question I’m often asked: Why? Why am I running once again for elective office in Philadelphia? I have run for City Council before and was the Republican nominee against Michael Nutter in the 2007 mayor’s race. I run not out of ego, nor am I a glutton for punishment. I am running once again for a Republican At-Large Council seat because public service is my highest calling. I care deeply about this city and its people. When I engage in moments of self-reflection, as we all do, I know in my heart that my extensive and diverse experience and long history of community service make me an ideal candidate who’s running for the right reason — to help others, not myself.

Zealous zucchini recipes

Although we often use zucchini as a vegetable, technically it’s a fruit. Other than cookbooks, zucchini has not had the kind of cultural impact one would expect of a fine fruit. No one ever said, “A zucchini a day keeps the doctor away,” or referred to a loved one as “The zucchini of my eye.” No one ever wrote “The Zucchini Of Wrath,” “A Clockwork Zucchini” or “A Zucchini In The Sun.” No one ever listened to “Zucchini Fields Forever,” or played the “Zucchini Blossom Special.”

Letters to the Editor: July 29, 2015

Why I rejected Gov. Wolf’s historic tax hikes  

A beet treat

Although I enjoyed them, the beets from my vegetable garden were gone quickly. No wonder. Fresh beets and greens are a vegetable delight. When the harvest ends, it’s time to say hello farmers markets and produce departments.

Op-ed: There are affordable ways to obtain health coverage

Fifty years ago this month, President Lyndon B. Johnson created Medicare and Medicaid with the swipe of his pen, providing access to quality, affordable health coverage to working families and underserved communities across the country. 

Satisfy your appetite with baked beans

Recently on a trip that took me to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, I walked a small stretch of the Appalachian Trail. It made its way across the town and onto the towpath of an old canal toward faraway Maine. I learned that following the 2-inch-by-6-inch vertical rectangles that are painted white on trees, rocks and sign posts will keep you on the trail instead of lost in the woods. (I’m sharing this in case you are ever lost in the woods along the trail.)

Letters to the Editor: July 22, 2015

Some neighborhoods are becoming a disgrace

Letters to the Editor: July 15, 2015

Playing the blame game

Stay cool this summer with icebox pie

Too hot to turn on the oven? Understood. But if you’re craving something sweet that’s homemade, the high temperatures might be a real letdown. How can you have your cake and not heat it, too? Got it. “Bake” an icebox pie or cake. Assemble the ingredients, then refrigerate or freeze. Fresh berries in season now can help to make some delicious desserts for summer.