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Taking a look at a new generation of back-to-school

To my everlasting shame, I cried on my first day of kindergarten.

Op-Ed: Education funding should be a priority in state budget

Two months ago, Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a reasonable, on-time budget that funded programs for those in need and for our schools.

Letters to the Editor: August 26, 2015

Get rid of speed cushions

A recipe fit for the pope

Did you hear? Pope Francis is coming to Philadelphia next month. Only if you have been locked up in a closet or cave could you be missing the media frenzy that is accompanying the pope on his trip to the City of Brotherly Love. He reportedly sometimes rides public transit in Rome. But God forbid that he should attempt to ride SEPTA with us common people. Can you imagine? The pope might not be able to get back into the city past the cordoned-off area. (And he’d never get back in time.)

Letters to the Editor: August 19, 2015

A man to be remembered 

Op-Ed: Organ transplant recipient should not be denied because of disability

As Americans, we have fought against and made great progress in the war against the many forms of discrimination. Inequality against Americans of color, Americans of certain religious convictions, Americans with certain sexual identities, and discrimination against Americans of certain ethnic backgrounds are all forms of prejudice against which we have fought and made headway. We have not been so successful when it comes to discrimination against Americans with disabilities. 

Cool as a cucumber

In case you missed my column in the spring on garden radishes, I’ve been trying to grow vegetables in a community garden that I call my farmette. Planting and then consistently watering and weeding turned out to be lots of work. Alas, a big harvest was not to be. Too many critters seem to enjoy much of the fruits of labor. I have refused to get into a pickle. I did, however, collect some cucumbers.

Letters to the Editor: August 12, 2015

Treating us like toddlers

Cabbage for Coleslaw

Cabbage can mean different things to different people in different places. Webster defines the word as a slang expression for paper currency. Cabbage in this use is purchasing power. Here’s something to wrap your head around. 

Savoring the sweetness of vacation with the family

12We always know we’ve arrived  at the right house on Long Beach Island each summer  when we recognize the old faded towels that our daughters once dragged to day camp drying on the deck of a summer cottage.