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Letters to the Editor: September 23, 2015

We need speed cushions 

Op-ed: I am running for an at-large seat on Philadelphia’s City Council for very personal reasons’

Terry Tracy. Center City resident. Businessman. Millennial. Candidate for City Council at Large.

Op-ed: We must protect those who spend life protecting us

Every day in Philadelphia, thousands of police officers fan out across the city to protect the lives and property of more than a million residents, commuters, tourists and visitors.

Bee happy with honey

There’s something about bees — honey bees. They have interested, intrigued, captivated and seduced me. Their orderly ways and industrious endeavors not only sweeten our world, but also pollinate our produce. More than 80 percent of our food crops depend on honey bees to pollinate them. Without bees, our fruit, nut and vegetable supply is endangered.

Letters to the Editor: September 16, 2015

White is right on cop bill

Wine makes for a divine celebration

“There is no party without wine.”

Back-to-school recipes for the kids

We may live without poetry, music and art; 

Celebrating the beginning of the Jewish New Year

The 18 mismatched chairs are in place. A brisket the size of Kansas has been sliced, and awaits attack.

Letters to the Editor: September 9, 2015

White playing with laws

Op-Ed: Education funding should be a priority in state budget

Two months ago, Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a reasonable, on-time budget that funded programs for those in need and for our schools.