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Letters to the Editor: April 22, 2015

A Mother’s Day poem

Cracker Jack and baseball

The Phillies home opener this year, played on April 6, spoke for itself. The nicest thing about opening day was the great weather.

Eye complications from diabetes should be treated immediately

Eye complications stemming from diabetes are common.

Letters to the Editor: April 15, 2015

Council candidate withdraws

Letters to the Editor: April 8, 2015

Leftist mayoral candidates

Munch on some muffins during tax season

Beware! April 15 is fast approaching. Here comes the Tax Man, and you don’t want him to get you. It’s crunch time. Why not make it munch time?  

Lasers helpful in treating glaucoma

You’re gonna use a laser on my eye?

Letters to the Editor: April 1, 2015

Help drive cancer patients

Discovering beauty and love at the supermarket

We arrived at the supermarket at the same moment. I jumped out of my car, impatient to be done with the seemingly endless chore of stocking the cupboards. But they took their time, this frail, elderly couple who helped one another through the process of maneuvering stiff joints and car doors.

Eggs and the Easter Bunny

After all these years, I’ve never questioned or doubted the existence of the Easter Bunny. What I do question is: How did the bunny and the egg become Easter traditions?