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Salmon… but no frankenfish

A salmon should be a salmon, not a frankenfish. A company called AqaBounty seems not to agree. Its newly manufactured “salmon,” dubbed the “frankenfish,” are large. They grow two to four times faster than the genetically unaltered, farm-raised variety. With a growth-hormone gene from a Chinook salmon along with DNA from the gene of an eel-like fish, AqaAdvantage (frankenfish) is a genetically modified Atlantic salmon, which may in the future be sold in a store or restaurant near you. 

Letters to the Editor: December 2, 2015

Thank you, O’Neill’s office

How to stick with healthy habits during the holidays

From office parties to family gatherings, the winter holidays afford many opportunities to socialize and snack.

I will be eternally grateful on Thanksgiving Day

Below is a collage of small Thanksgiving miracles:

Thanksgiving veggies with balsamic vinegar

A few years ago, my friend was in Rome, Italy, to visit her daughters who were Temple University students, studying abroad for a semester. When my friend returned home, she brought back a bottle of the most exquisite-tasting balsamic vinegar for me. It was a heavenly, velvety syrup with a slight mellow tartness. Not finding the brand sold locally here, I checked the Internet to see where it was available. Unfortunately, I would have had to mortgage my first-born to make the purchase. 

Letters to the Editor: November 25, 2015

We need new political party

Letters to the Editor: November 18, 2015

People, we need to vote

Bazaar, not bizarre, Pumpkin Bread

The people and groundhogs at the Pennsylvania Lottery seem to think it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The annual pilgrimage to the Thanksgiving dinner table hasn’t happened as yet, but Gus the Groundhog’s Christmas reminders to “Keep on scratching” have already begun. 


Help homeless vets

Celebrate the month of the Holy Souls

All of us, excluding perhaps some politicians and corporate types, have a soul. November, in the Christian tradition, is the month of the Holy Souls, a time to remember and pray for souls who have departed our earthly realm.