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Help homeless vets

Letters to the Editor: November 4, 2015

Thanks for nothing, Joe

Celebrate the month of the Holy Souls

All of us, excluding perhaps some politicians and corporate types, have a soul. November, in the Christian tradition, is the month of the Holy Souls, a time to remember and pray for souls who have departed our earthly realm.   

Preparing to battle another cold season

It begins with a sneeze. A modest a-choo.

The season of spooky can be sentimental, especially for grandparents

I blush to admit now that I was a diehard Halloween-Hater. A regular Scrooge about the holiday.

Halloween goodies

Nobody likes me

Letters to the Editor: October 28, 2015

Tinney wants to better serve the Northeast

To keep a marriage strong, it’s chair and chair alike

When we were married all those years ago, I promised to love and cherish my husband. I continue to do just that. But I don’t recall pledging anything about loving and cherishing an object that has become his appendage.

Letters to the Editor: October 21, 2015

King is a talented writer

Making your Halloween a healthy holiday

Free Halloween candy can be pretty scary for parents.