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Letters to the Editor: April 20, 2016

Sanders is best candidate

Passover is a special time to celebrate with family and friends

What I remember most is chaos. The Passovers of my early childhood are buried deep, but often return in dreams.

Letters to the Editor: April 13, 2016

A watch on Williams

Op-ed: Protecting Israel from attacks should also be our priority

The frightening specter of death and destruction that struck Brussels is a stark reminder of our need to be not only vigilant, but also proactive in developing the necessary intelligence to prevent similar terrorist attacks on American soil. In addition to supporting Belgium and our other NATO allies in Western Europe, we must also stand by our friends in the Middle East who face the threat of jihadi violence on a daily basis. Israel, our greatest friend in that troubled part of the world, is always on alert, but that small nation’s challenges aren’t just from a strategically placed bomb or the barrel of a gun.

Sweet as honey

Laugh at the tears you’re crying

Making the impossible possible

Before 1930, there were no prepackaged cake mixes, pie crusts or muffin mixes on the market shelves. This was the year that Bisquick was invented. Introduced to grocery shelves as a competitor to the newly debuted Jiffy, Bisquick remains the premier baking mix even today.

Letters to the Editor: April 6, 2016

Lame effort by DeFelice 

Letters to the Editor: March 30, 2016

Solomon has a vision

Enjoying more reader recipes

Clearly, there’s a lot of cooking taking place in and around Philly, to judge from the recipes sent into the Northeast Times food column. I’d like to share some of the submissions that weren’t randomly drawn in the ongoing gift-card contest. A great many of the submitted recipes really are winners, culinarily speaking, and I plan to share them with you in future columns.

Op-Ed: Recovery schools could help combat drug abuse

Standing with parents and the principal at the Bridge Way School is illuminating.