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Keeping your diet low in sodium can be tricky, but beneficial

You may have heard from your doctor or dietitian that you need to reduce your sodium intake to help decrease your risk for high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, kidney stones, kidney disease, etc.

Celebrate National Women’s History Month with respect for all

Our granddaughter Hannah loves to hear about how I was married at the stage she is now: 21 and a graduating college senior.

Letters to the Editor: March 2, 2016

Best candidate is Cruz

Sharing readers’ recipes

Apparently there’s a lot of cooking taking place in and around Philly, judging from the recipes sent into the Northeast Times food column. I’d like to share some of the submissions that weren’t randomly drawn in the ongoing contest to win a gift card. So many of the submitted recipes really are winners, culinarily speaking, and I plan to share them with you in future columns.

Letters to the Editor: February 24, 2016

Driver hit her pet and left

Quick marinara and veggie meatballs

“If two vegetarians are arguing, is it still considered beef?”  

Letters to the Editor: February 17, 2016

Solomon will help NE

Soup for the winter hater’s soul

It’s soup weather. Boy, is it soup weather!

Warm up with beef stew

The political process has certainly changed over the years.