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Letters to the Editor: November 25, 2015

We need new political party

Bazaar, not bizarre, Pumpkin Bread

The people and groundhogs at the Pennsylvania Lottery seem to think it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The annual pilgrimage to the Thanksgiving dinner table hasn’t happened as yet, but Gus the Groundhog’s Christmas reminders to “Keep on scratching” have already begun. 

Letters to the Editor: November 18, 2015

People, we need to vote


Help homeless vets

Letters to the Editor: November 4, 2015

Thanks for nothing, Joe

Celebrate the month of the Holy Souls

All of us, excluding perhaps some politicians and corporate types, have a soul. November, in the Christian tradition, is the month of the Holy Souls, a time to remember and pray for souls who have departed our earthly realm.   

Preparing to battle another cold season

It begins with a sneeze. A modest a-choo.

Letters to the Editor: October 28, 2015

Tinney wants to better serve the Northeast

Halloween goodies

Nobody likes me

The season of spooky can be sentimental, especially for grandparents

I blush to admit now that I was a diehard Halloween-Hater. A regular Scrooge about the holiday.