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Letters to the Editor: June 22, 2016

Benefits of soda tax

Earning your chops

What do you call a pig who knows karate? A pork chop

Letters to the Editor: June 15, 2016

Care for our public parks

Celebrating Father’s Day, family, with three terrific sons-in-law

I always yearned to have a son. At least one.

Celebrate with steak

Being a father

Letters to the Editor: June 8, 2016

A love letter to Pennypack

The hometown flavor of pork roll

A day of homage to the almighty pork roll was held over the Memorial Day weekend at the Pork Roll Festival. It was held in the home of pork roll — Trenton, New Jersey. In fact, because of a beef between the promoters, there were two Pork Roll Festivals held there on the same day. What could have been the bone of contention?

Spice things up with cardamom

Ancient, exotic and regal — that’s cardamom, one of my favorite spices. Native to India, it grows in hot climates but needs plenty of shade. Guatemala produces a lot of it now. Used in many Indian and Asian dishes, it is also found in many Scandinavian baked goods. 

Letters to the Editor: June 1, 2016

Cut the grass and clean up!

Grandchild’s journey from birth to adulthood happens quickly

I was there when she walked down an aisle of sorts at her nursery school graduation, the type of ceremony in which little tykes wear miniature caps and gowns, stare out at the sea of faces, and in a few cases try to bolt.